The BAD Creek Crew

Lindsay Brown


Liberty Center, OH

Years Fishing: 8

Years Fishing Tournaments: 1

Favorite Technique: Shallow Crankbait

Favorite Bait: The D-Shot Worm

Favorite Water: Oxbow Lake (Defiance, OH)

Chance Brown

Co-Owner and Founder

Liberty Center, OH

Years Fishing: 25

Years Fishing Tournaments: 7

Tournament Trails: BFL, NWOBC

Favorite Technique: Shakey Head and Wacky Rig

Favorite Bait: The Stoogie

Favorite Water: Lake Erie

Other Sponsors: Vicious Fishing, Phantom Outdoors, Enigma Fishing, Reellife Lure Co, Woo Tungsten

Jeremy Gunn

Pro Staff Manager

Toledo, OH

Years Fishing: 31

Years Fishing Tournaments: 8

Tournament Trails: NWOBC

Favorite Technique: Flippin

Favorite Bait: Backwater Craw

Other Sponsors: JB Fish Sauce, Reellife Lure Co.

Hayden Peterson

Defiance, OH

Years Fishing: 11

Yrs fishing tournaments:2

 Tournament trail: NWBC

Favorite Technique: Flippin

Fav Bait: Backwater Craw

Gamaliel Peterson

Defiance, OH

Years Fishing: 30

 Yrs fishing tournaments: 2

Tournament Trail: NWOBC

Favorite Techique: Flippin

Fav Bait: Backwater Craw

Jason Douglas

Oregon, OH

Years Fishing: 25

Yrs Fishing Tournaments: 3

Tournament Trails:NWOBC

Favorite Technique: Anything

Favorite Bait: Backwater Craw

Favorite Water: Lake Erie

Other Sponsors: Reellife Lure

David Bowers

Fremont, OH

Years Fishing:

Yrs Fishing Tournaments:

Tournament Trail: NWOBC

Favorite Technique: Drop Shot

Favorite Bait: D-Shot Worm

Favorite Water; Lake St. Claire

Adam Hughett

Hamilton, OH

Years Fishing: 22

Yrs Fishing Tournaments: 7

Tournament Trail: Westside 100% Payback club

Favorite Technique: Grub

Favorite Bait: Ribbontail Worm

Favorite Water: Grayson Lake

Other Sponsors: Ardent Reels, Line Taming Serum, 9K Elite Lures, Suttle Flash Lures